Last i was feeling awfully depressed for reasons im not going go into, so after about 3 hours of laying on my mattress listening to music and waiting for death, i informed Ian that i was going to go to the Dollar Store. The Dollar Store near my apartment is deep within the heart of a mexican ghetto so Ian replied that if i didn’t come back in a hour that he would come out and look for me. The Dollar Store really is a great place because im beginning to use it to curb my American instict to purchase lots of things. So i wander through the Dollar Store picking up random things off the shelf just to see if i can scare Ian with my apartment full of crap.

Last night i bought:
1 measuring cup
1 kitchen towel with a cow on it
2 Baby Ruth Bars(one i gave to ian out of the blue)
1 pair of socks
1 oversized baseball card of Lance something or other(which i put in the bathroom above the toilet)
1 glass bowl

Then after i found out that i need to put Mac And Cheese in for 14 minutes, insted of 12. Ian and i sat on the couch, dined on Pikacho(sp) Mac And Cheese and watched Interview With A Vampire. Then after 4 glasses of wine the Pikacho came back up. I threw up in a cooler which happened to be next to my bed and i saw lots of bloody looking pikacho’s staring back up at me in the dim night light. Damn my lack of digital camera, hehehe.

mp3 of the day: Sublime – 40 oz to freedom.mp3
ToadwaysOpen: *hugs*
ToadwaysOpen: *unzips pants*
coolguyrna: no
ToadwaysOpen: im going to give you the choice i never had
coolguyrna: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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