Boy did that feel weird….

The reasons are complex tho. I just woke up from a nightmare that i got caught shoplifting it from Bestbuy. The dream was so lucid that i could read the serial number off the cd right before a horde of police officers stormed through all entrances and trapped me in the stereo section. I figured it was a sign.

It feels kinda weird tho, im actually supporting Blizzard for once. For those of you who know me in real life, you know my “Buying software is for faggots and pussies” rule but for once i thought i should support um. They’ve given me years of entertainment at no cost so i figure i guess i owe it to them. That and i couldn’t find a serial number for it so it was either a) not play warcraft anymore and find something else to waste my time on or b) buy it.

So in 2 business days i will receive my own copy of Warcraft 3 – Reign Of Chaos. I’ll open the box, stare at the glossy finish, rip that box open and install my legal copy. Then on my other computer I’ll load up a fat list of mp3s on my pirated operating system and beat down some Orcs.

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