Train – Toad = Sigh

Well not really. It didn’t cost that much but what hurts is i didn’t look at the time on my ticket until after it was too late. I am a idiot. I am too stupid to get home. I hope Christy wasn’t joking when she said she liked me cuz i’m in new orleans for another 2 days….thank god Ian is going to take care of Marla when my parents leave.

Chad offered to cash in a huge bucket of change i have in my apartment to use as gas money to come pick me up but i told him it’s cool. The train ticket wasn’t that much….it just sucked, i had already drank a 40, my Iriver, cellphone, and laptop were all charged up, the bottle of wine was already open and I find out I fucked up yet again.

When i walked back from the ticket counter i yelled to christy “How much do you love me?” and picked up my bags and started to walk to her car. Ah well, shit happens…now i gotta wait 5 hours for Angie to call to tell her that i’m not on the train and i don’t need a ride from the train station, hehe

buttTOAD: need my bucket of change fedexed to me so i can buy more beer 🙁
Chad: haha
Chad: ill cash it in for gas money and come pick you up
buttTOAD: lol
buttTOAD: good call
Chad: in your new car!
Chad: at 130 MPH it wont take long
Chad: i would seriously do it next weekend

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