This is New Orleans right?

So Christy went to class the other day and left me alone with her dog and the History Channel. I hadn’t drank in 2 days and had just finished a monster workout on her stationary bike so a 40 started sounding really tight.

Since Christy lost her keys and only had one set, i couldn’t lock the door behind me. I figured since i’m only going 50 yards from her apartment it would be okay. I walk into the quaint little corner store, the kind of place we’d all be shopping at if Wal*Mart hadn’t taken over and grab a Heineken.

I don’t normally drink Heineken but i only wanted 1 forty so it seemed like a good choice. I take the bottle up and the lady casually asks if i have any ID. I reply “Of course” and slide her my liscense. She looks at it and then slides it back saying “I’m sorry, i can’t take this, it says Under 21 on it.” This is because I havn’t been in the mood to spend $10 and 2 hours of my life to get it renewed since i turned 21. I never thought it was a issue since no one had ever gave me any static over it. I calmy point out that it has my birthdate on it and that im the ripe age of 22. This doesn’t work. Apparently since it’s a out of state ID, she can’t understand that that’s my birthdate.

—Begin anger stage of update—

I smile at her, say “Heh okay whatever, i’ll even take it back to the cooler for you” and return my beer. This is my routine response for when someone treats me like shit. You act completely calm and cool about it, knowing that the fact that they got some power out of denying me beer gave them some little ego boost. This makes me feel better because people who feel better about themselves for pushing other people around over such simple things live even more pathetic lives then alcoholics like me.

buttTOAD: i hope i never get a gun.
Matthais: Why is that?
buttTOAD: because i’d kill people like that

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