I’m more of a roommate then a neighber.

I open my door and Marla pokes her head out and sees that we also have a new neighberhood dog also. Marla bolts out of my apartment, hair bristling for confrontation and tears ass into apartment. Now I’ve been cleaning all day, no shower, hair sticking up, unshaven wearing a shirt with a huge weird head on it.

I chase after Marla screaming her name as Marla inspects every room of her apartment, pees on the floor and almost devours her kitten. As i’m dragging my demonic dog out of her apartment she tells me her name, which for the life of me i can’t remember and asks me mine.

“Oh I’m Michael but my friend’s call me Toad. It’s a computer thing.”

I go back inside, load up Boys For Pele to give her some more moving in music and go back to work cleaning. Thats been the answer to my little internet problem today. Binge cleaning and mp3s.

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