what the fuck is this


All right, people? Well, first of all, my pseudonym is Blaze Handack (for the time being let’s be thus). I’m from Brazil and I’m a person who like comics, sci fi, cinema and vanguard literature. After years, reading and seeing very cool things in the kind, I put in my mind the idea of was my hour to contribute with this so fascinating universe that is the youth literature, therefore I created my characters, my subjects and universes, and started to write my stories.

As nowadays, to publish this type of material is enough expensive, I decided to become it public through more cheap and accessible current media: the Internet. Then made my site: UltramidiA (http://www.ultramidia.cjb.net.). Now, that the site is on line, and with much published material, I’m contact you to ask a great favour: I want you look the work, and despite the some English failures, in case you find that it is legal and worthwhile, arrange a little space in the Crackhore and do a small spreading.

I ask this aid, because is not possible for me to divulge by the traditonal meas, as much is that, I would like be placing new chapters on line every week, but due to the difficulties, only is possible edit new chapters monthly. I beforehand beg your pardon due my English failures, but want to clear, that despite the few means, what hinders me to pay propaganda, all the work is developed with devotion and professionalism.

I’m here waiting you help me. Be sure that not only me, but much people that likes the same thing will be very thankful.

Big Hugs


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