The downsides of being too drunk…

Except last night.

I went up to the Full Moon Club last night around 10pm. I stumble in, sit at the bar with Chad and have who knows how many Pabst Blue Ribbons. Sick shit….oh well….

I was at the Full Moon earlier showing mary and shea the flyer i made for them. They said they liked it, rewarded me with a beer. I went home, drank a half bottle of wine while playing the piano, showered and came back up….

Around midnight, i think, chad decides he has to go home. We took 2 cars so i stayed by myself and drank for a bit. This girl i had been sitting next to the whole night finally says hi and starts talking to me. By then the pot, wine and beer were in total control. That moment of th evening when you have control of what you say or do. A slave to substances. I can’t remember what i said to her, if she got up and left after i said it or if i gave her my phone number…..stupid beer….she’s probably pregnant….

My mom calls around noon yesterday and asks if i can take her to the airport tomorow around 4. I’m like “yeah i can wake up by then” and say i’ll be there. Then my dad calls to ask me if i can. Tell him already talked to mothertoad and it’s straight. Then mom calls again to remind me. I finally ask where’s she going. She says “oh no where” and laughs. I ask again. She asks me if she can leave town without telling me. I ask if she needs a ride from the airport when she gets back. She says no…..

Finally she tells me she’s going to Ohio to visit family…god….thought i was gonna be a orphan…

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