The truth is in between the 1st and 40th drink….

It’s been a pretty good day. Took mom to airport for her flight to Ohio for her highschool reunion. On the way she told me a pretty funny story. The whole time i was listening i kept thinking “this is going on the site”.

Okay, so last night my dad comes home from a hard day at work and makes himself a sloppy joe. Fathertoad, unlike me, likes really realy spicey food so he decides to try out this new hot sauce that their neighber gave to them.

He soakes his sandwich in it, eats the sandwiches then starts to feel kinda weird. My mom came home to find my dad laying on the living room floor dripping in sweat. He said his heart was racing and couldn’t get the burning taste in his mouth to go away. He tried drinking a lot of water and still couldn’t stop the burning and lower his temperature.

My mom looks on the container for the hot sauce and sees ONLY PUT ONE DROP! VERY HOT! She calls the neighber to ask for her advice to kill hotsauce “overdose” and she says to drink milk or sugar and that should help.

MotherToad then calls Poison Control to ask their advice. They laugh at her and then tell her to try ice cream if she doesn’t have any milk. They recommended that she take him to the emergency room if his heart rate doesn’t drop.

So he eats some ice cream and lays down on the couch and Poison Control calls back to ask how he is. My mom laughs, says he’s about to fall asleep on the couch and is fine…..i think my mom told it better, guess it also helps to know my dad….a pic would even make this update greater….blah

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