burn berlin burn!

tonight when you’re watching the news, if you happen to see the Honda dealership on Mendenhall in flames, you’ll know it was me.

I hate these fuckers with a passion I saved only for people who spam me.

So my engine light comes on, had the car 3 months, i’m like “No big deal, thats what warranties are for”. They say the fuel pressure regulator, the thing that keeps your gas tank pressured(yeah wtf), is proper fucked.

$320.99 job.

Warranty doesn’t cover it.

I say the hell with that, get the part replaced at Xtreme Auto for $120. I’m grinning ear to ear, happy with the knowledge that someone tried to fuck me and i squirmed away.

The morning I leave the smokies, the engine light comes back on. I curse every known diety, drive back to Memphis and this time they say it’s the fuel pressure SENSOR. I’m like “oh okay”. I’m comparing the 2 receipts, wondering what the fuck is going on. I take the car in today, the sensor costs about $380 to install. I sigh, pick up my car and call Xtreme again…..

to be continued

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