had a doctor’s appointment at 7:30am…..was going 60 down Park trying to get there in time, get there with a minute to spare….

i walk in, get put in a little room and this nurse comes into the room all cheery and happy. First thing she says she’s gonna do is take some blood. She rolls up my sleeve to tie the rubber band and sees all the cuts and scars on my arm. We make eye contact and i smile.

She places the needle against my arm and says “okay this is gonna hurt” and i say “naw, i like needles”. She laughs, says she likes the piercings and jams the needle in.

I procede to the next obstacle, the urine test. She hands me my cup, even spells my name right on it and says “okay, gimmie some pee”. I go into the bathroom with my little cup and notice the tiny door in the wall where you’re supposed to leave your cup-o-urine. It’s even got a paper towel in there. It’s scary to think people spill.

It takes me a while cuz I hate being forced to pee for someone. I think for a second what she would say if i filled the cup to the brim with diarrhea and leave it for her in the little door.

Finally, the pee comes, after staring at the cute little elephants on the wallpaper in the bathroom. I wonder if i gave them enough. It would have ruled to fill that thing up to the top with it spilling out over the sides…

Then it’s on to the Honda dealership. I tell the guy the extent of my problems, give him my keys and wait for the courtesy van. I sit down with my fellow Honda drivers and scan the room. The girl next to me has a laptop open so instantly, i fantasize about what it would be like to fuck her. I casually mention to her that the Covington Pike Honda dealership has Internet access. She doesn’t respond.


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