how are you doing

i fucking hate when people ask me that… i am doing is completely up to your ideas of good and bad. I can say i’m doing great but you may take another glance at my life and say it’s tumbling out of control..

i always respond “i can’t complain”. Because honestly, if you’re breathing, you can’t, you’re not allowed to complain. So i shrug and say i can’t complain. I’m alive, i have a place to live, i have invoices out….i’ll probably live another year….there seriously isn’t a thing i can complain about….

i still look at people like a deer in headlights when they ask “how i’ve been doing”. This isn’t a new problem….i remember talking to therapists in highschool about how it bothered me that people would give out this small sense of sympathy yet keep it so formal….it really bothered me and i never could express why….

From now on when i run into someone i havn’t seen in a few months and they ask how i’ve been, i’m going to say “fucking amazing. Cuz quite honestly, i ate twice today, had some beer, hungout with a incredibly sexy girl, drove home and saw the sun come up. It’s been amazing.

I am doing amazing.

So are you.

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