i am a local celeberity, can i buy you a drink?

Ian told me today, at 6pm, when we were both awake, that “Meathead”, a HUGE black man of height that i can’t even begin to describe in simple text. Sometimes he sneaks up behind me at the bar and just stands behind me until i turn around to face his stomach. Then he picks me up a little and we both start laughing and i tell him to watch out cuz i might throw up.

Old school sunday. Where you are the minority.

This week im gonna wear my 107.1 shirt again and definetely gonna bring a camera to get a shot of Meathead wearing his crackhore.com shirt. The first time i gave it to him, he put it on, i got 3 hilarious pictures of the tallest black man i’ve ever, dancing around with a drink in both hand blazing a crackhore t.

A stream of urine was running down my pants from laughter.

Time to get some food, get some beer and get back in the car….

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