– this redesign i was drunk!@$#$

SCOUTmasterTOAD: mmm salvation army is so great
SCOUTmasterTOAD: i got this tight $19 suit today
SCOUTmasterTOAD: for a wedding i have coming up 🙂
ratchildx: is it gold?
SCOUTmasterTOAD: naw it’s gray
SCOUTmasterTOAD: looks ultra deluxe
ratchildx: don’t know shit about suits
SCOUTmasterTOAD: haha me neither
SCOUTmasterTOAD: i paid $19 for it
SCOUTmasterTOAD: was like “mmm that one looks cool”
SCOUTmasterTOAD: now i got a brown and a gray one!
SCOUTmasterTOAD: you didn’t know how high class i was when we first started hanging out, huh?
ratchildx: baby you are so out of my league
SCOUTmasterTOAD: haha

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