Passage: John Paul Getty Jr., 70
Billionaire philanthropist John Paul Getty Jr. died Thursday. The American-born benefactor gave about $200 million to various causes, and was knighted for his services to charity after he became a British citizen. After resigning from Getty Oil, Getty began a life of parties and drug-taking. But when his second wife died of an accidental drug overdose, Getty became a recluse. When his son was kidnapped in 1971, Getty’s father refused to help pay the ransom until the abductors cut off part of the boy’s ear and sent it to the family. In a rare public statement, Getty said he was “privileged to be the heir to huge wealth, and I regard myself as custodian of that money for the benefit of people who need it more than I do.”

that’s one hard nigga, you can’t get my money until you send me a ear.

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