mmmmm hair dye

I was in Rite Aide a few days ago buying a 24 case of Busch, a 2 liter of coke and cotton balls when the lady comments on my license. I still have the same pic from when i was 16 so she says “damn, different hair, different glasses” and i say “fuck, that reminds me, i need dye”. She says, and i quote, “i ain’t in no rush” so i dart back to the hair dye aisle.

Now this is marketing at it’s best. I scan the huge aisle of hair dye at my disposal. I remember how the number system works but that really doesn’t narrow it down since theres like 23432623 different brands. I quickly grab the box with the hotest girl on it and run back to the counter.

Nothing like waking up the next morning, so hungover i can barely walk, stumbling into the bathroom and looking in the mirror to see a head full of bright orange hair.

I went and got my haircut today, in preperation for the hair dye. I go to a pretty ghetto Supercuts kinda place and always get these weird rednecks cutting my hair. Now if you’ve never gone to get your haircut while high then your missing out. I never get the same ‘stylist’, all about the same, missing teeth, bad bleached job, etc. It’s always common to make small talk while they cut your hair.

Small talk with me after a bowl becomes something very very different tho. I try to keep the weird shit at a minimum but she mentioned Easter and that of course prompts my “jesus didn’t die on the cross” speech which has been gettting a lot of play lately. I love the Bible belt.

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