I started off at the first bar, eating my fill of wings and probably drinking a case of beer. I play 3 songs on the juke box, when the woman sitting at the other of the bar, with her husband, demands that i dance with her. I look over to him and he says “naw, it's okay!” with a smile and she drags me out of my chair.

I'm not much of a dancer so i basically put my arms up in the air and dance around in circles screaming along to the Eagles. Ian tried to get a pic but it turned out to be just a closeup of Butthead on my shirt.

Around 1:30 i decide to stop by Neils. It's packed, so my opportunity of karoake is decimated for the night, so i drink a beer, buy another one and start to walk out the door. A 40 something guy, dressed casually, says to me as im walking out, “hey, if you take that outside you're gonna get arrested”. I mutter something about him fucking off and continue to walk to the door. Suddenly i feel a hand on my wrist and my beer disappearing. I turn, push him and he grabs at my beer again. As he grabs it, i turn it sideways and Michelob pours all down the front of his shirt. I laugh, tell him thats what he gets and walk out.

Driving home tho, i kept thinking about it. It really pissed me off that this guy tried to take my beer. I pulled over, bought a 40 of Miller Light, opened in the parking lot and drank it while driving home. Out of spite.

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