god that last 40 last night was probably a bad idea…i woke up today feeling terrible…..decided to go see the matrix by myself…which was fucking nuts….

The show i wanted to go to was sold out so i had 45 minutes to kill, which i used to buy my mother a late mother’s day present and drove around the Paradiso parking lot blazing dro and blaring KMFDM. Finally when i figured i was adjusted enough to see the movie, i sat outside for a extra 5 minutes waiting for the Poweraide commercial to pass. There is so many things wrong with that commercial that i’d need a new whole other website to truely explain it.

The movie was nuts. I had extremly high expectations of this movie and they were all fufilled. So many stupid fucking geeks out there and their stupid websites nitpicking plots, saying the special effects ran the show. Shrug, it’s a action movie, it’s supposed to have leet special effects….

Came home, crashed on couch for about 5 hours…woke up at midnight…not tired at it’s simpsons episodes and water….ugh

ElxOscurOxUno: Naire = the devil
SCOUTmasterTOAD: haha why
SCOUTmasterTOAD: lol
SCOUTmasterTOAD: nice
ElxOscurOxUno: And the raised, burnt skin that remains doth ooze cortizone as we speak in a attempt to heal it.
SCOUTmasterTOAD: holy shit
SCOUTmasterTOAD: 🙁 🙁
ElxOscurOxUno: Im doing the body building thing so i thought i would try it vs shaving.
ElxOscurOxUno: well im in a world of hurt now lol
SCOUTmasterTOAD: haha 🙁
ElxOscurOxUno: Yeah stfu lol
ElxOscurOxUno: I thought i would tell you so you could use it ont he site lol

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