One Exxon To Bind Them

Okay, flashback to Memorial Day 2003. It's a sunny day, people everywhere are bbqing, drinking beer and relaxing on their day off. Sek is having a little bbq at his house. Toad is chilling by the pool with his laptop writing a proposal, everyone is drinking, eating and having a great time.

We run out of beer, Sek and Brandon leave to get some more. Brandon is as sober as a priest. Sek, however, is extremly drunk, having consumed his weight in beer that afternoon.

I'm telling the rest of the story from what they told me. I remember details so i'll try to explain it as good as possible.

Brandon drives since he's sober and Sek walks into the Exxon. Sek gets his beer, takes it to the counter and the clerk refuses to sell it to him since Brandon parked taking up 2 spots. Now Sek has had several little, umm, how to put it, conflicts, with this black Exxon employee so this must have been brewing.

Sek pushes the beer across the counter and screams YOU FUCKING NIGGER and a huge racially charged fight occurs as Sek walks back to a very confused Brandon waiting in the car. They go to another Exxon, buy beer and return back to his house and tell us this.

I'm not done. This is just character development.

The next Tuesday, Sek decides to stop for gas on his way home from work. 5 o'clock traffic is in mad effect, cars at every pump. Sek pulls up, starts pumping gas, and using his existing knowledge of the exxon lady's hatred for cell phone usage while on the pumps. Just as planned she storms out into the parking lot and the race war begins again. Keep in mind there are mothers pumping gas into minivans, people just on their way home from work stopping for a soda, witnesses of the class war at it's best.

Sek decides to try a different tactic. Sek emails the district manager of Memphis Exxons. probably has a email for everything. He writes the following letter.

Subject: Complaint

Regarding the Exxon location at:
*****, ** *****

I have been a long time Exxon/Speedpass customer. I am in this location approximately 4 to 5 times a week, being that it is so close to my residence. Recently I have noticed an employee that has earned herself a reputation for being rude and unpleasant to patrons. I do not know her name because she never has her name badge on, but she is a relatively short black woman with a very large tattoo on the right side of her neck.

I have several friends that also go to the same Exxon and recently we have been joking about having to deal with this particular employee every time we go the Tigermart. I then realized at this point, that the rudeness I was seeing was not just my experience but with everyone I know that frequents this Exxon. As a business owner, I know that I would like to know if I had an employee like this, so that I could correct the problem. So take this advise with a grain of salt, but this employee needs “help” with the realization that she needs to find a new line of work.

I sincerely feel that this employee could damage this Exxon's reputation, as residents of the Cordova area will expect more than minimal service as opposed to an inner-city location where this would be tolerated.


The best part about that email is when Sek wrote it, it appeared under his wife's name. You can scroll up and re-read it imagining a angry white woman writing it. Anyway, Sek gets a email back from a lady saying she was the new management in the area and was wondering who she was going to have to keep and get rid of. She thanked Sek for his input.

I havn't been back to the Exxon yet. I dunno if the lady still works there. This just goes to show you that if some white dude calls you a nigger, you better not say anything back cuz that cracker may go home and email your boss. Yup, that's definetely the “moral” of this story.

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