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A lot of people slowly remember things the next morning as they tell someone “what they did last night”. That just happened and i thought i better put it down in the site while im thinking about it. Andy, Alex, Wes and I just chilled around the apartment drinking when Andy decided he had to go out for just a little bit. Andy and I, both wearing the latest in fashion,

If you were at the Glass Onion last night, you saw the loud table in the corner. We drank, drank and drank and on the way out of the bar i decided i have to visit the lil toad’s room. Now the Glass Onion has a really intresting men’s room. Instead of having stalls like normal bathrooms, they just have a normal toilet about a foot from a normal urinal and a mirror. I walk in and some guy on a cell phone follows me, walks in and stands right next to the toilet. Theres already 1 guy peeing in the urninal, leaving me the normal toilet with some dude on a cellphone standing maybe a foot away.

This bothers me.

I put one foot on the rim of the bowl, other foot on top of toilet, one hand goes into back pocket to pull out a sticker, other against the wall to brace myself as i climb up on top of the rail. The sticker goes on smoothly, i jump down and land ala Matrix 2 style, and walk out.

We drop Andy off, after he buys more beer, since all the bourbon and beer we drank earlier wasn’t enough, haha. It gets fuzzy after that, i think i came home and went to sleep….

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