And I’m hungry like a Hore

Hmm, first day of being unemployed. I cleaned my entire apartment because i felt bad about being a burden on society. Should i feel bad? I don’t know. I found 4 lighters and 2 packs of cigerettes under my couches. It’s amazing how many things you can find when you move furniture. God i need a job.

It’s funny how stupid the average homeless person is. Since i lost my job im tightening the belt a little bit, which means eating Taco Bell. So im walking back from Taco Bell and some homeless guy comes up to me. I’m in Midtown so it’s no big surprise that he asks for a dollar. I tell him that im eating Taco Bell which means i don’t have any spare money. He asks 2 more times for a dollar then finally makes the correlation from Taco Bell to broke and asks if he can have a bite of my food. I guess i shouldn’t be criticizing him because i’ll probably be doing that next month to pay rent but oh well..

You’ll see some new content up on the site next Sunday when i finish a project with one friend of mine who wishes to remain nameless. My sidekick Ian thought up a wonderful idea for next Whisky Wednesday that is just begging to become a project

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