ain’t nuthin to eat out

scoutMASTERtoad: i think the problem was she wasn’t kinky enough
scoutMASTERtoad: i need a fucked up bitch
FloTekSek: yah, like im usualy barely done the first time and im already losing interest
FloTekSek: what you mean not kinky enough?
FloTekSek: she suck dick?
scoutMASTERtoad: yah but like
scoutMASTERtoad: she’s the only girl who actually said like a few days later and was kinda generally pissed that i kinda forgot to eat her out one night
scoutMASTERtoad: and we all know why nobody is aching to eat that
scoutMASTERtoad: ugh i need another bowl after that hold on
FloTekSek: lol
FloTekSek: rofl
scoutMASTERtoad: can almost see it again
FloTekSek: god
scoutMASTERtoad: i mean it wasn’t super hairy but fuck
FloTekSek: rofl
FloTekSek: damn dood
scoutMASTERtoad: about 3 centuries ago they made this thing called scissors
scoutMASTERtoad: and you can fucking use it
scoutMASTERtoad: god
FloTekSek: lol
FloTekSek: rofl
scoutMASTERtoad: yah pasting that on site hold on
FloTekSek: noooo
FloTekSek: lol

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