woke up this morning and i had myself a beer

kind of drunk, ignore grammer mistakes.

ugh need to make a static gif on the homepage that says that.


was meeting andy “daterape” madewell and ian for dinner at outback last night. We know a waiter there and he got me thinking about it so we went. they get there before me and i call them to tell me im my way. i tell andy to order me a beer ahead of time. i walk in, look drunkingly around for my roomate and the hostess asks me if i’m meeting people. I tell her i’m looking for 2 gay looking guys, she stares at me with a half smile laugh and i go “oh there they are” and sit down to my beer.

a fucking awesome steak later, i drive andy to bartlett and pick up valerie on the way. it’s hard to not call valerie my girlfriend and we havn’t had that talk yet, probably since i mentioned it on my site….but we drive andy back to barlett and val and i mix evan and cokes for the drive back.

I’m laughing in aim windows right now because im talking about how i can’t remember how this update ends, while i type it. We visit mr Andy George, pretty sure we drank when we go tthere, i remember laughing a lot.

ugh not sure how to end this cuz i remember driving down the middle of Central blaring the doors and it just fades after that.

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