i told u it was insulated

So last night i decide that i need to fix this light switch in the apartment that's upside down. This really really bothers me, having to flick it up instead of down, and vice versa. I take the panel off, take the screws out and try to move the switch.

110 volts run thru my arms and i laugh and pull back. “oh yah, forgot about that”. I go consult my good from Meph on aim on the finer points of not dying when dealing with electricity. He explains how conductivity works and says he's kinda afraid his advice may get me killed.

I tell him this is going to be the new internet rumor, the household ripper.

He says to go try and turn the breakers off first. Ian is now really really worried, exclaiming this is how i'm going to burn down the new place the first week we move in. The fuse box is labeled with our address number, so i open up the box and start flicking switches, trying to find the right one.

Then from the hallway i can hear the static on my neighber's tv. Suddenly I realize that i might have found the wrong fuse box. I quickly go back inside like nothing happens. Meph says to take a picture of the screwdriver i'm using to make sure it's insulated and won't equal anymore pain. I end up wrapping a pair of needle nose plyers with electrical tape and somehow manage to get the screws back in, fixing the switch.

Now i can look at that socket and know that i was almost hardcore.

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