all sorts of premeditated

so i moved into a new apartment. i’mma give myself the rest of this beer to tell you about the whole move. i hate moving. alot. this is probably my 8th move under my belt and it’s not something you get better at.

now i used to just live with ian, now i live with ian and puddin. now there are people in this world who work with computers, sleep next to one, etc. then there are people who don’t. puddin, like about 60% works at fedex. he also works at a meat market. neither jobs let you sign on on aim.

my upstairs neighbers, one of which i had several classes at cbhs, who is now a total stoner, lives with a bunch of bartenders(like me). the ping pong table was definetely a bad sign. oh well, going to go try to go to bed now.

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