i hate when i forgot what i was going to update about from the walk to the computers. something must have happened today that was important enough to say…

okay yeah i got it now.

im finally taking medication for my cough/flu/ebola thing that has been going on the pass 2 weeks. The doctor also gave me something called Verum for my cough. It says “may cause dizziness” on the side of it. My mom picked up the prescription for me and i ate them immediately and drove home.

She asks me today if the pills are making me “dizzy”. That’s kind of a tough question to answer. I told her i hadn’t drank since i started the ZPack, the other super drug that always seems to cure my colds, so i was already feeling kinda weird and dizzy from that so i wasn’t sure.

This leads into the typical “i need to stop drinking so much” with my mom and tonight she actually says ” you need to just stick to herbal things”.

I wish i could save real life text in log files.

Going to invent that.


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