i am a shitty friend

i got a voicemail from brad today saying andy is getting out of jail and having a party for him.

Febuary 17th is his release date.

Im going to use his journal right now to apoligize for being such a shitty friend. Andy asked me to send him some cash to buy some cigerettes cuz apparently their really expensive. Now i've had the money but not the time and everyone's busy.

But crackhore.com is my chance to make it up. Now i know i have a lot of REALLY hot chicks read my site and now i must call upon them to help me.

Poor Andy has been around guys for a pretty long stint. So all you ladies out there, hit me up on aim or cracktoad@crackhore.com and tell me what nasty shit you wanna do to my boy Andy once he gets out of lockdown.

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