i really hate the internet sometimes. the livejournal flame war drama bullshit has never been my cup of tea. “im writing this post in response to another post in response to my post” crap is definetely reserved for anyone who hasn’t graduated yet.

this is just classic tho.

valerie went out of town with a married couple of hers, who im going to just leave nameless. they got back last night and found their apartment had been robbed.

we’re both like “omg that sucks” after reading about all the stuff that was stolen. when valerie calls to give a sympathetic ear, they accuse me of breaking into their apartment. their reasons for this? they said they found a crackhore sticker in the ashtray, even tho the whole apartment had been trashed. i had left stickers on their coffee table before they left.

the other reasons why toad had to have done this was because whoever broke into their apartment knew how to unplug a laptop. yeah, definetely guilty.

first of all they live in the Country Squire. that place is so great because it lulls people into this false sense of security. they figure since they live in Cordova that they arn’t going to get robbed. i remember friends that lived there getting notes in the mail to be “alert” since there had been 2 rapes in the area. place is a fucking ghetto in disguise. i felt more safe on Haynes then i do there.

it’s weird how numb i am to shit like this. just because my computer room is full of stolen shit doesn’t mean i rob people i know. it makes you wonder how many times you have to chill with someone before they consider you above a stranger.

it’s times like this i really appreciate my really healthy sense of perspective. i mean i totally understand their point of view. i think thats really the numbing agent in my life that always come to play when im accused of robbing people who i thought were my friends.

best part about the whole thing is they both posted to their livejournals that they were going to new orleans for the weekend. geezus fucking christ. whenever i leave town i make no mention of it on this terrible site BECAUSE im afraid of you memphis fucks robbing me.

with blogs, or anything like this, you have to remember there are sick fucks that read your site out of spite. you can kinda do that if you have just moved, but if you’ve lived in the same place for a long enough time line and then start talking about your vacation then shit…..

oh well, guess im still just a stranger

fuck um

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