the death of another weekend

yup, sunday night, 1am. the weekend is over. we are all cast back into the monday through friday slave labor which funds our weekends and sustains our weekdays.


i’d like to take a moment to tell everyone about how much i love jug wine.

for $12 you have a huge jug of just pure happiness. serious not playing around happiness. you gotta look at it in 40 prices. at $1.79 per icehouse 40, you could get 5 forties before you can equal the 1 jug. 5 forties is a lot but a jug of wine could give me and my girlfriend alcohol poisoning.

i’ve been pretty down lately. it’s mostly because my life is fucked. i think if my life wasn’t fucked, then i wouldn’t be depressed. but even typing that reminds me of how miserable i was when i had a running car. so even if i do fix my life im still fucked. i can’t wait to read this update tommorow when i wake up.


we went to the movies today, check movies section, updating it…again, for the first time….whatever

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