holy shit omfg wtf pink floyd money for wishes

wow holy omfg wtf.

Brad and are chilling in the study and i put on Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Hear. In the beginning, it has the guitar riffs before “remember when you were long”. After it goes on for a second he’s like “wait a second, i thought you were listening to beginning of Dire Strait’s Money For Nothing. The little “i want my mtvvvvvvv” is the same beginning of wish you were here.

i listen to a lot of pink floyd and i never made the connection.

We both sat and thought and said “omg your right, that’s the same exact notes”.

i feel kinda dumb but i wonder how many people know that? is this common knowledge? is the song about pink floyd and how they have it so easy? i’ve seen The Wall, they don’t have it easy.

hore army, comment on whether u knew about this. im furious about my confusion.

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