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this morning at 8am my Clie sounds a alarm. I have a meeting at Otherlands at 9am, a coffee shop that happens to have wireless internet access. i have a lot of my meetings there since it has wireless internet and coffee. it’s a cool location.

this is the 2nd meeting, im showing him the 2nd revision of the design. What he doesn’t know is i woke up, smoked a bowl of resin, drank 2 glasses of wine and i have a Fedex coffee mug(with top) full of wine, with me at the meeting, that im drinking out of during the whole 2 hours.

Only problem is we’re meeting some chick who is from upper management along with the cool dude i’ve met before. This might be bad. She starts talking about database merging. I don’t do that, i make websites.

I stink of alcohol. I am sweating because im nervous cuz im afraid they’ll hate it. But i don’t really care. I am only getting paid a few hundred bucks since this website is for a park. They can’t afford to talk to me sober.

No one can.

The meeting goes well, i show them the design, I code on the Vaio, they look at the site on the Tablet. I make changes to the website on the fly. Like a super web ninja, moving menu items, flowing like a….something that flows. Site is 90% done, gotta make changes here but it’s no big deal.

We make major progress. Site is almost done, they say they can give me some cash, i feel okay. It’s okay, it’s money, i need money. Gas stations need money for beer. Life is simple.

I leave there, buy a case a of beer and head to andy george’s. That’s all i have to say about that.

I’ts only 2pm.

Too drunk to see.

Must update.

I am an the ninja of webdesign.

you can’t afford me sober.

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