thats what you get

last night, or this morning, or whenever this happened, there was a mosquito in the computer room.

it bit my left hand. preemptive strikes upon my flesh to try to gain my oil, i mean blood.

he then had the balls to swoop and and bite the same hand.

i swipe and miss.

2 bites on the same hand.

what this little bastard doesn’t know is i’ve drank a jug of wine, ate a handful of sleeping pills and some pain killers that i stole from steve(sorry steve)

so this thing is flying sideways, pwned out of his mind, wondering what the fuck he took. he tries to land a 3rd time and the hand of toad comes down.

instant death, you hear that mr anderson? thats the sound of inevitability, but spelled right.

it was almost like the mosquito wrecked his really nice car and died. alll because he decided to drink from this death hole.

i can’t get over it tho. That mosquito decided he could suck a little more blood and still make the drive home.

Now he is just a smear on my desk.

In conclusion, i think this update is about how i like how the mosquito got what was coming to me.

it’s almost 4am.

1 more beer, no more updates.

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