how i am coping with bush

woke up


brushed teeth, packed up laptop and tablet, went to otherlands to meet with client.

no shower, no feeling, no care.

i drink rum and jungle juice out of steve’s fed ex mug. we decide to meet again at my apartment this sunday, buy a 24 pack and set the site life.

rogue web designer at work.

i chill at andy’s for a hour, work over phone and meet sek at lenny’s.

by now i am really fucked up, like i know i need to eat but i’m feeling really owned. i somehow order a sandwich and a drink. i get to the table and spill my sprite.

the cop that is in line sees me get up from one booth, where i just spilled a entire cup of sprite, and just sit down in the booth behind it.

sek sits down, also very aware of cop.

i eat a tiny bit, he finishes his sandwich but is still owned.

i am going back to bed.

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