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I made the mistake of getting gas and a 40 at a gas station on Jackson. This homeless dude hobbles up to me and starts out with the normal “hey man, hey, hey, hey, i need to talk to you for a second”.

Now i always talk to these dudes because, well, it’s content.

He comes up and says “hey, now, i know what your thinking, but i’m not a crackhead, i’m just a alcoholic.” I smile and nod, and say “yah me too, sup?”. He asks for a dollar to buy a 40. I can relate.

I tell him, “okay, but i want you to pump my gas for me while i go inside and buy some beer for myself.” I give him a dollar and he pumps my gas while i’m inside. I come out, he smiles and i say “You need to learn some html, then you’ll always have money for beer, like me.”

He nods, i get in my car and drive off.

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