got the contract today

for a hour more then what was advertised

get in my motherfucking way now, poverty.

it’s only for 2-3 months but fuck. money is money and money is wine.

im going to name my first album that.

so this morning when i wake up for my meeting, i have to go by trilogy to have them remove my ear rings since i can’t get them loose. dude takes them out, gives them to me.

on the way to meeting my car starts to fuck up. I hate when im late for something because of my car because car trouble is the lamest excuse.

i drop it off at a transmission place since it really seems like a transmission issue. they say it’s not, it’s a engine problem.


so now i have a job but no car to get to the job. i know jesus hates me but i’m tired of the mind games. seriously. cut that shit out.

going to have to find a ride to my first day of work. i am so glad they crucified you.

the worst part is i don’t even care anymore. after all the car wrecks and bad shit that has happened in my life, i’ve got a thick skin of apathy to protect me from the harsh realities of credit card debt, alcoholism and eventually suicide.

did i say suicide, i meant church.

yeah, church.

oh well. life sucks, things happen, it’s almost not even worth bitching about anymore. except that it may comfort someone who is depressed reading this shit. but probably not.

oh well. back to my whiskey.

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