always wear clean underwear

yah know, if i was dead, i don’t think i’d care about the condition of my underwear.

something obviously went really really wrong in my day for strangers to be going thru my pants(or something really right lol), but god, you’re laying there without a head or massive wounds, cold and dead, why should you care?

it’s not like doctors can really discuss this stuff with the public because of that oath they give, right?

you also gotta wonder about any doctor who is like “damn, dude is dead….lets check out those fruit of the looms… yup, this dude was rolling fresh.”

fuck it.

i’ve also heard that when you die that your bowels release, so it wouldn’t really matter if you’ve been wearing that chicks thong for 2 weeks or 2 hours. i guess the idea of dying in a chick’s thong kinda ruins my whole argument, okay ignore this paragraph.

in fact, just forgot you read this update

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