not healthy

i’ve been watching a lot of tv lately. a lot.

lots of police chases, cop shows, etc.

i’ve started to notice a disturbing trend.

i’m always rooting for the guy being chased by the cops.

weaving in and out of traffic, wrong side of the road, over sidewalks…i always want them to get away.

they never do.

if i was bill gates or donald trump or anyone of significant riches, i would have them outfit some crazy Porsche or something, spefically built to run from police. I would then run into a Circle K, grab a snicker’s bar or a hot dog, wait for the clerk to the call the police and book out to my car. I’d jump in, strap on my 5 point seat belt, put on my helmet and wait. As soon as the blue lights appear in the rear view mirror, i floor it.

I follow my pre planned route, based on what i know of the area and see how long i could keep the chase going.

Then, when i finally get caught, which always happens…my lawyers fly in on a helicoptor and i get off with a simple shoplifting charge.

I need to get into real estate, i can’t do this on a web designer salary.

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