ain’t nothin to fuck wit

Databit: well you are only 25
scoutMASTERtoad: yeah
Databit: you have alot of time
scoutMASTERtoad: sorta
scoutMASTERtoad: i look at it is “i can’t believe i made it to 25”
scoutMASTERtoad: i actually have one voice that thinks that i am dead
scoutMASTERtoad: and that i died in the last car wreck
scoutMASTERtoad: and this has all just been hell
scoutMASTERtoad: it’s not that loud tho
scoutMASTERtoad: i can’t be dead
scoutMASTERtoad: i feel too shitty
Databit: if this is hell then I get to be satan
scoutMASTERtoad: wow imma update wiht that, hold on
scoutMASTERtoad: okay you are satan

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