this isn’t going happen

andrew, who i want to say is the god of all that is steel, just installed my mp3 player and speakers.

tornado sirens BLARING, like “wait, what did you say” blaring, he(i watched, tried) installed speakers.

of course, my mp3 player from my civic from…what a year ago, doesn’t want to be happy.

he ties it to a different fuse and disco.







Today was a day of lost hopes, regained and then lost and regained.

I woke up in the rain and cold, headed to my meeting at 10am. I get there, shaking, hungover and i fed off a homeless guy in the parking lot but his life blood wasn’t even enough. I set up my tablet and wait.

Excellent meeting. Win.

I roll to my homies on Lamara to pick up some speakers. I score for $60 something for Alpines. I mix fix my reality.

I get to Andrew’s, order them chinese food and he realizes we’re missing a key blue little connecty thing.

He leaves me with his girlfriend to go buy them, then the hail comes. Great, Andrew is dead, i gotta pick up jeff without speakers/stereo in Nashville, God reaches down and pushes you down, type of situation.

The clear skies.

The sirens start.

We’re outside, im watching him install my speakers, but i can’t ask any questions since neither of us can hear each other over the crazy air raid siren. After wiring my shit all kinds of McGiver ways, i have a stereo again.

Now i just need to go to bed in the next 20 minutes, drive to nashville and pick up jeff. I have the worst feeling im the weakest link in this whole thing.

Thank you andrew.

I had you toad.

Thank you, good night.

Hopefully this tuesday update will be followed with “got to nashville, got jeff, drove back, went to karoake, puked, win” update. Or else, um….

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