yes yes yes win win win

fuck yeah.

leave memphis at 10pm with beer in hand.

everyone tells us to be careful. i lift my beer in approval and on to i-40 we go.

we drove through hell, just rain, rain, rain and not happiness. i was feeling pretty confident of my driving, i hadn’t drank that much, and i was only on my 2nd beer by the time we hit Jackson. Basically when you drive at night, in the rain, and drunk…you need to remember 1-2 things.

1) Colors

Follow 2 red dots:

Those are a truck. Just stick behind them, turn when they turn.

The White Lines:

These are your “sober lines”. When you cross one of these, you lose a point of soberness.

2) Music

Lound and angry. Mix rap and any NIN kind of music. It owned driving thru hell last night blaring Symbols.

Jeff tries to hide his fear.

We make it, crash at a hotel. The alarm goes off at 8am, i wake up, rub my eyes, walk to fridge, grab a beer. Jeff says “i think i understand, you drink alcohol when i eat food, right?”.

I sit, in a McDonalds outside of Nashville, watching a guy read a bible while jeff eats his mc griddle.

One beer later, im on my way back to memphis. I’m really pissed that memphis sucks, i feel like i wasted jeff’s vacation. Oh well, i tried.

Maybe this will be motivation to make my life more entertaining.

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