so much for that

i was so proud of myself last night, i didn’t have a single drink. I ate 3 sleeping pills and went to bed. I barely slept more then a hour or two, just laying awake, twitching and scratching.

i wake up and head to my 10:30 meeting. I call ahead, just to make sure im not getting dressed, shaving, etc for absolutely nothing, and she’s like “Yeah sure! Come by, mix yourself a drink”. I hangup the phone, thinking “oh she’s just mocking me cuz im a alcoholic” and get dressed.

I get to her office and they have one of the big mega bottles of jack daniels, like halfway empty. They weren’t kidding. They ask me if i want a drink. I pretend like they are twisting my arm. Whiskey and water, coming right up.

I make 2 phone calls after the good meeting, realize that there are no more meetings left, stop by my parent’s house and steal a beer, and drive home.

Now it’s noon, i have a buzz. What to do next.

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