kill kill kill kill


i have 8 weeks.

if you are reading this and can get me a job, please call or email me.

because im fucked.

i don’t care anymore tho.

as long as im not living under the tyranny of homosexuals, then i have definetely won.

this is where we seperate the men from the webdesigners here. are you going to rise up and get the fuck out or are you going to tred water and try to hammer out a existance in this shit hole.

i have a bad feeling that i am not good enough. that i’ll be reading this update on a crumpled up piece of paper, driving along some desolate highway, in search for web work like mad max.

apathy needs to be embraced at moments like this. the less i care about my well being, the less im likely to fuck it up.

just look at the calendar. not much time left. better fix life soon. running out of time. are you going to find a way out? is memphis your final destination? are you really going to die here?

well you have 2 months to figure something out.

do i think this is going to turn out okay? no. not at all.

never before has there been so little plan.

i’m going to die on the streets.

homeless, websiteless and dead.

the only hope is that i’ll be left alive by life and continue to update this damn site with my stupid depressing rantings.

when it really comes down to it, nothing is ever really okay. we all die. even the pope. we just don’t all have the doctors and medicine the pope has. but we’re not all good christians.

no let me leave it on a better note then my normal anti jesusness.

no matter how bad your life is, you’re probably better off then me.

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