there is no toad, there is only crackhore

it’s funny when it’s 4am. drunk and angry at my ancestors for having such good genes.

ive tried everything to end myself in a fashionable way. ive tried drugs, alcohol, car wrecks, nothing seems to kill me.

i just keep going. i keep doing what i do because it’s what gets what i need to do, done. okay that didn’t make sense. well it might have.

every thought seems so redundant at this point. i catch myself telling the same crackhore stories over and over.

i hate that there is someone else out there, doing exactly what im doing. i am not special. i am not a unique snowflake. even typing these thoughts is the most useless thing ive ever done. all i can do is work, crank out as much bullshit as possible and then die.

where is the owner’s manual.


the only hope comes from this website at this point. im going to take the gloves off.

my birthday will start the new launch of this site.

i hope you all come.

and after you come, i want you to drink from the condom.

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