well i got off the train, finished my last unisom bottle shot and laid on the bench. swede calls and says he’s on his way to the train station. i lay back and relax and wait for him to pick me up. i offer whiskey to the 3 women who are watching a portable dvd player. they decline. hate women.

i move outside so swede can make a easy pick up. he calls again and says he’s there and doesn’t see me. i don’t see him. goddamn it.

he’s a different station. he goes to a starbucks and gets online and finds the other amtrak station. i’m laying with my bags on the cool concrete in front of the station. the world is spinning. too much whiskey, not enough food makes possible for arrest. there is another lady with baggage waiting outside with me. i open my back and take off 1 hawaiian shirt and put on a different one, this one much brighter. so swede can spot me from farther away.

a amtrak employee comes outside for a smoke break asks “if i am okay”. i tell her im great. about 10 minutes goes by and i ask her for a smoke. she says she’ll give me one when she’s done smoking. i’ve never told that to a bum before lol.

swede arrives and we go out to eat. wings and several beers later we head out to drink. can’t remember the name of the first bar, very crowded, bad music. we leave and head to a holiday inn lobby bar. yah i know. apparently a old woman sings here and a old guy plays a organ. just the old guy tonight tho. he comes over to our table and shakes our hands. wow swede must come here a lot. the music was intresting.

can’t really write about anymore of last night since thats about all i can recall. i woke up in swede’s guest bedroom this morning. eyes open, where am i…oh yeah. swede runs into the room and jumps on my bed and begins to spoon me. only the covers and a thin piece of cotton are protecting me from having to say “valerie i think i cheated on you”.

really don’t want to end a post like that but..

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