i change CMS’s like most people change pants

I’ve fallen in love with WordPress and i’m moving in with…..her.  I’m moving my things out of Mambo’s apartment, and while i’m at it, i’m also going back to my old CMS’s house, that punk bitch named PMachine, and get some content i left over there.

I’ve had it with Mambo’s drama and PMachine was just the bad one night stand that you can never forget.  I’ve got Pmachine’s furniture arranged in WordPress’s dope ass condo but I still have a truckload of Mambo to import.

Now here’s the real kicker. How much do i really love WordPress? Is this just the common CMS puppy love that i’ve had so many times before? I guess only time will tell.

I have to decide tho, how much of my shit i’m going to move into this shaved, sexy little CMS i’ve got setup. I’ve got my shitty text updates spread all over her place but where do i put my images? Should i use another piece of software and hope that WordPress and her get some sweet hot threesome action with me? It’s always a nice dream but that hardly ever works.

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