since everyone is talking about it

I really don’t want to post but i have to. I don’t think Cheney shot this guy.

 I see them all sitting at a table like “okay we’re getting a lot of heat on this cia leak, we need something drastic”.  Cheney sits up, straightens his tie and goes “Okay, Bush has been taking a lot of heat lately, it’s my turn :(“.  He calls his press secretary and bam, we’ve forgotten about Iraq, the cia leak, Haliburton, EVERYTHING gets dropped because we gotta talk about it.

This is almost as bad as the miners dying.  Miners day everday. It’s a tough job. Webdesigners die everyday too.  I know i have problems focusing and could probably use something to medicate me and keep me on task but even i just don’t care. What you guys don’t know is Cheney probably shoots a Arab with a rifle every morning, like in Schindler’s List.  Maybe it’s cuz the guy is white and old. If he had shot a black old guy then they probably wouldn’t have even reported it to the police.

I think i’ve met my quota of offending at least 2 races in this update, goodnight.

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