Champale Extra Dry

Champale Extra Dry

With the return of the Ghetto Beer reviews, i chose Champale Extra Dry. I think. Anyway, i roll up into my local Circle K, with rap music “bumping” and grab a 40 of Champagne Extra Dry. I was walking up to the counter, pondering the label “extra dry”, thought about asking the black clerk what it meant, then decided against it.

Now taking my knowledge gained from the previous ghetto beer challenges, i threw the forty in the freezer to chill it down to my cracker ass tolerance. I crack it open and take a sip. It kinda tasted like beer but it had like a crackle to it. Like the way Zima or any of those other fag beers kinda tastes. I want to say minty but it has more like a tonic water kinda tingle to it. The buzz is, well, typical of a domestic beer, kinda disappointing actually. The taste is cool, like if you’re in the mood for beer but sick of just the normal beer taste.

Toad’s ghetto beer review opinion? I give Champagne Extra Dry a 6 hairpicks out of 10. Like it tastes good and everything, but i don’t have that “I want to commit a drive by or sell narcotics feel” that i was expecting from a quality ghetto beer.

.:Champale Extra Dry

6 hairpicks out of 10

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