talking to michelle monday morning…it’s been a 3 beer morning so im feeling good. she says she’s about to drive to murphysboro to visit a friend. i ask her if she wants company.

3 hours later i have her dad’s pimp ass honda loaded up with beer my laptop, calling people to go check in on marla for me. we head out on our way and over the next 4-5 hours michelle learns more then she probably ever wanted to know about me. i realize that she isn’t really the peace loving hippy girl i’ve often described to people. just because someone is smiing doesn’t mean what they’re saying is happy. i drink and she drives and we finally get there. we call her friend for directions. he’s unable to give us street names, just landmarks. it takes us forever….

We go to this weird hooter’s type resturant called Toots. It’s like such a simple equation when you think about it. Get big breasted girls, a deep fryer and a beer license and you’re ready to own. After a pitch of amberbock.

We leave Toots and go to one of Billy’s friends house. Now these are some really good ole southern boys. And im wearing my metal spiked bracelet and have cigerette burns/cuts all down my arms. Like showing up at a klan rally in a boy george costume. They have a 4 foot glass bong called The Bender. I watch them hit it(cuz i don’t do drugs) and then procede to throw a tennis ball back and forth. This probably one of the most strangest hobby ive seen some stoners do. I mean normally it’s playstation or frisbee or whatever, but with them they are throwing a tennis ball, at increasing speed, around the room. I keep waiting for it to hit the bung and it never does. This makes me think they do it quite a bit. I don’t get it…

We somehow manage to get back to Billy’s where more beer is consumed and we sleep on 2 couches that smell like beer. We wake up at 9 and head back. We stop at a Shoneys for lunch. Get lots of stares from the retired people dining there. We get back to her car and head back to Memfrica. I get back and have to instantly shower and shave and head to a meeting. Fun times.

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