why kant toad date

lol so i’ve been stalking girls. i can say it and im okay with it. so there.

sometimes these girls give me their aim names. thats when i have them.

so im talking to one of these girls on aim the other day. she’s talking about how she wants to get out since she has the day off the next day. i’ve been drinking the entire day….started when i got in the car with michelle and hasn’t ended yet apparently.

i shower, shave, put on the cutest clothes i have and walk up there. i wait a long time. i almost leave. i wonder if this is some sick sadistic shit her and her girlfriend do…lure men from myspace and watch them talk to other strangers at the bar and drink.

she shows up. says “oh wow you dyed your hair”. i respond, yah constantly. We sit and talk for about 2 hours before she admits “i thought you were someone else”. I respond with “i had to look through my messages to make sure i just didn’t invite a 17 year old out for drinks”.

I’m honestly a little proud of myself….she’s a 27 year old marketing major…..i tell her a few stories of my life and probably scare her off with the shit i know about her. conversation has never flowed so smoothly…..she talks about her long distance boyfriend who she wants to leave….i just smile and agree that she needs to leave the bastard who has strung her along for half a year…..i mean what do u say…leave him or don’t, it’s up to you, trust me. I’m a little weirded out and probably shouldn’t be talking on the site about this but i really like this girl. you know you’re doing okay if you can go through politics, religion(tori says jesus had a son conversation), work, and not have the person get up and leave. i only know her first name and don’t have her cell phone so the stalking factor is pretty low but she either trusts me a whole bunch or has a death wish. I cleaned the apartment for 4 hours yesterday because i felt so ashamed of this place.

now melissa, lets call her that, is kinda tipsy when the leave the bar at 3am. we walk around the block. i suggest we walk more. oh we’re near my apartment, lets go there?

this is where i fuck up….i had a perfectly good thing going on, should have sat on the porch with her and not brought her inside.

but i don’t. lets bring her inside. great idea. awesome.

the front little room isn’t that bad….she walks into the living room and sees the bolt cutters on top of the remains of the joseph/mary statue that allen gave me. which was smashed to pieces on easter. luckily she is jewish and isn’t offended by this.

she walks into the kitchen….3 beer boxes lay slain the floor, clothes, food, beer cans and bottles, just everywhere…she mentions the 3 computer monitors….i say “i like computers”….we sit and talk for a bit and her long distance boyfriend calls. thanks.

i walk her back to her car and walk home. i think to myself…wow she thought you were someone else when she wanted to meet you…or him….i think back to a quote i heard recently…i’d rather be lucky then good…..

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