wow i might need to make a section for these posts

wow so i went and hit golf balls with eric today. hawaiian shirt, camo pants, spiked metal bracelet, and a white golfu. got a few stares. well, a lot. i’m getting the hang of golf. it’s so awesome setting a away message “golf, yeah, i’m a golf ninja, sup”. man that place is such a pocket of humanity, like the hot little 18s(bet she was) that work there…’s almost a tradition to hit on them…Anyway*cough*

a new friend of mine, we’ll call her….zelda, text msgs me. she wants to know what we’re doing. i give her directions to the drinking place. she’s not 21 so i ninja her a shot of jager…..not to go on a segway but

1) toad should not drink jager

2) toad needs to stop talking about himself so much

3) more long sleeve shirts

we leave the first bar and head to the 2nd one. anyway, i have no idea why this girl is talking to me. i’m serious, i asked her and she sounds like she actually just wants to be friends with me….i don’t buy that. i’m starting to wonder if she’s FBI. I mean no puts up with this shit unless they know me and feel sorry for me they’re a undercover goverment agent.


Anyway, we drink and i order a shot of jager. i just can’t drink it. throwing up in front of people you’ve only met twice = not win. i make her drink it. she does. we talk about just about everything under the sun, lots of embarassing good stories, very good. she eventually leaves to pick up her boyfriend. This is some serious deja vu.

Anyway. I didn’t burn myself tonight when she went she left me for a second to go to the bathroom. lol…fitter, happier, more productive…i see this as progress….i am healing on every plane. This might be pretty funny a week from now when im in a hospital dying but i think i got bite by something at the park thursday. Right arm is all swollen  and a huge lump is growing. Going to doctor monday.

nice knowing you all.

better fuck me now.

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