i don’t have no time to listen to conflicting points of view

it’s a crazy world to live alone

a ball and chain i call my own

Well this has been a pretty shitty day. I can’t say it hasn’t. The bad news just kept rolling in. It really does seem like life is a huge conspiracy against me. Oh well…..I need to look at this way. Last night was one of the better nights in the last 6 months so i don’t have it too bad. Sure i’m overdrafted, my car is going to cost me a shit load more to get fixed then i expected. I mean i guess it could be worse. I still have my health. Except i have a really bad cold.  So i guess i don’t even have my health.

On a good note, Peter cooked some bad ass chilli today. If you learn one thing from crackhore.com, it’s that Texas people can cook some bad ass food.

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